Finding Peace & Joy Within

Most of us have heard variations on quotes such as “happiness comes from within”. This may seem like self-righteous nonsense, however it is true, and I will show you the location of this inner source of happiness. But fair warning, … Continue

Scientifically Verified Benefits

There are over 50 years of scientific research into the results of meditation practices by reputable institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, UCLA and many other organizations … Continue

Is It True?

How can we know if a story or explanation is true or not? This is an age-old question. The answer involves a number of considerations and requires a walk through psychology, philosophy and science. Ready for a stroll?… Continue

Mindfulness vs Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.  Mindfulness is a type of meditation and so has much in common with it.  There are many different techniques used by both. The general practice I recommend is shared by both systems, so it could be called by either name.  I use the word meditation out of habit.

It was a common view that these practices are only for those living in convents, caves or monasteries. However over 50 years of scientific research has demonstrated that appropriate meditation practices provide great practical benefits for those living a regular active life.