As a young adult, I received a great gift, the knowledge of how to connect with the inner source of peace, joy and wisdom that is everyone’s birthright.  I wish to share that gift.  Information on the various presentation and programs that I offer is provided below.

Although the path to unfolding our inner potential is an individual one, this potential is multiplied when a number of people within a family, group or organization are drawing on this resource.  That is why many companies are now promoting meditation and mindfulness in the workplace.

I can be of service to individuals and organizations in the following ways. I live in Calgary, Canada, however arrangements can be made to provide these anywhere.


Group Meditations

I lead several different meditation groups in Calgary (Alberta).  You can be taught how to meditate when attending, and deepen your experience if you already meditate.  Depending on the group, there is no charge, or there is a donation request to help pay for the room.  Follow the links for Group Meditations and CALL and contact me for more information regarding time and location.

Finding Peace and Joy Within

I offer a two day course which provides techniques and teachings focused on letting go of suffering and connecting to your inner source of peace and joy.  Contact me to find out when the next course will be available.


If you wish to introduce meditation to your organization (corporation, non-profit, community, etc.) to increase engagement and productivity I can help in several ways.

I can speak to your group, with presentations lasting from 20 minutes to a half day (or more).  If 2 or more hours are available, the presentation includes instructions on how to meditate and time to practice so the audience will have a direct experience.

I also offer a multi-session course entitled Meditation, Science and Self.  This course, available in eight and sixteen session versions, provides meditation instruction, periods of meditation, and a deeper understanding of how meditation works and its impact on the functioning of the mind.  Participant assessments can be done using the Perceived Stress Scale to obtain a measure of the benefits.

The two day course (see above) Finding Peace and Joy Within can be arranged for organization staff.