About Barry

Barry Ronellenfitch

I am a Professional Engineer, I have been meditating since 1975 and I have over 1,000 hours of formal training on meditation. During that time, I raised a family, owned and ran a manufacturing business, and worked to maintain a sense of peace, balance and joy while surfing the wave of chaos that we all experience in our daily lives.  I have provided presentations and courses on meditation/mindfulness to public groups, corporations and industry associations.

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Barry’s Journey

Because I am presenting myself as a teacher of meditation and there are no widely accepted qualifications for that role, I believe you deserve to know more about how I came to believe and teach what I do.

As with most of us, my journey started with my parents.  They were wonderful, and I felt loved and supported throughout their lives …    Read the whole story.


All the information and knowledge presented on this website is a gift from my teachers.  First and foremost of these are my parents, followed by countless others, both formal and informal.  I will not name them because I can’t list or frankly even recall them all, and to leave any off such a list would be a disservice.

Suffice it to say, I am a creation of their teachings, and I am unable to fully express my gratitude to them.

In a similar way, I am not attributing any specific teaching to any specific person, school or philosophy, as in the end it is all one interconnected account.